“Kurt, Thanks for providing the best contractor experience we've ever had! The kitchen is magnificent, and the whole project was so well-executed and so right-on-schedule that none of our friends believe it took so little time from total demo to move-in condition. Or that we had no construction hassles. In fact, we appreciate the good working relationship we developed, such that this project became a daily delight rather than a stressful imposition on our family life. We'd be happy to show the completed project to anyone desiring to see the quality of your work, or to hear about our experience with you. Thanks again for the quality job!”

— Don Sladkin  ·  Potomac, MD

“Kurt Welch describes himself as a builder. He is more than that; he is a creative, problem-solving designer that also happens to build. We enjoyed every minute of working with Kurt and his talented team.”

— Jen & Matt Hohenboken  ·  Potomac, MD

“We have used Kurt Welch and his craftsmen for four major projects in our home. We use the term craftsmen with emphasis since Kurt brings special effort and skill to everything he does. In all four projects-kitchen, bath, basement, and office--he and his crew were on time and exceeded our expectations for quality”

— Bo & Andrea Razak  ·  Potomac, MD

“Kurt Welch Construction, Co. is of the highest quality, very fairly priced, on-time once under contract, with meticulous detail and fine-tuned good design ideas. Kurt goes out of his way to bring organization back into your home. His construction staff is above reproach insofar as being in your home. You will never worry. Kurt Welch guarantees his finished product and stands behind his workmanship. You will be extremely pleased. So go for it.”

— Paul & Virginia Vilk  ·  Potomac, MD